Preparing for a Colorado Divorce Mediation

If you’re contemplating divorce or have already filed for one, you may have heard the term “divorce mediation.” What is mediation, exactly? Mediation is a flexible method of resolving conflict in which a neutral third party or mediator facilitates a dialogue between parties to assist them in coming up with...
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What is spousal abandonment in Colorado?

As used in Colorado family law, ‘abandonment’ occurs when one partner intentionally leaves the other without taking any property or marital assets. The spouse has physically departed from the shared residence and walked away. If the partner is violent, abandonment may also happen without a physical separation. In either case,...
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Amicable Divorce During a Recession & High Inflation?

Divorce is now more difficult with inflation. Child support and alimony payments may automatically rise with inflation, but budgets for those numbers sometimes can’t. Higher prices due to inflation have made child and spousal support disagreements increasingly difficult to resolve.  Alimony and child-support payments tied to the consumer-price index can...
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Postnuptial Agreements in Colorado

A postnuptial agreement is a contract made after marriage that specifies how certain legal matters will be handled in the case of a divorce, such as the distribution of property or other assets. A postnuptial agreement can be written at any time after a couple gets married. A postnuptial agreement...
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Colorado Uncontested Divorce – Frequently Asked Questions

An uncontested divorce is considered a faster and easier way to terminate a marriage. Here’s what you need to know about this type of divorce and whether it’s right for you. For legal advice in your particular divorce case, please consult our experienced Colorado divorce attorneys. What is an uncontested...
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