What Constitutes Child Abandonment In Colorado?

It is unfortunate when a child spends months or years of their life without hearing from one of their parents. If you are a separated parent who is raising your child and has not had any contact with your former partner in a while, you may be wondering if this...
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Can You Get Divorced Without A Lawyer In Colorado?

You’ve probably heard that some people get divorced without getting an attorney. In Colorado, where divorce is legally known as “dissolution of marriage”, it is indeed possible to pursue a divorce case on your own. However, real-world cases have shown again and again that hiring a lawyer is your best...
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What Is Considered Parental Kidnapping In Colorado?

If you are a divorced parent, one of your concerns may be that your former spouse would prevent you from spending time with your child, despite custody or visitation orders. You may have heard of cases where a non-custodial parent refuses to return the child after visitation, or a custodial...
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