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Child custody issues are perhaps the most heated and sensitive matters of divorce cases even if divorcing couples have been able to agree on nearly every other aspect of their case. From determining primary custody to working out child support obligations, child custody cases can be as complicated as they are contentious, especially when an embittered party may be trying to purposefully drag out these proceedings just to get back at a soon-to-be ex-spouse.

In these cases, working with the Denver child custody lawyers at Goldman Law, LLC will be critical to protecting your rights, as well as the best interests of the child(ren) in your case.


I hired Goldman Law to assist me with a complex custody issue. Emily Koekkoek and Scott Goldman helped me to get a 50/50 schedule when false allegations were being made against me by my ex. There were a lot of things about my case that I didn’t want to hear, but Emily and Scott did their job well and were very knowledgeable.

Adam Stineman

Complex Custody Case

I put off dealing with my custody agreements out of stress and fear. I was scared of what could happen and having my worst fears come to fruition. Scott Goldman helped ease my nerves every step of the way. If it wasn’t for Scott I wouldn’t have my baby safe and protected while sleeping soundly for once! Everyone at Goldman Law, LLC is amazing and you will not regret working with them!!! I promise!

Ashley Keenan

Custody Agreements

Critical Factors in Child Custody Cases

Child CustodyAlthough it’s ideal for parents to be able to agree on reasonable child custody agreements, when this is not the case, a family court judge will oversee the matter and make the final determination regarding how custody and custody payments will be awarded.

In general, some of the specific factors that these judges will take into consideration as they are making decisions regarding child custody include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • What the child wants (if the child is mature enough to express his wishes)
  • The relationships between the parents and whether one parent is more likely to promote a healthy relationship with the other parent
  • Where the child is already established (in other words, the city or specific area in which the child is already going to school or otherwise involved in the community)
  • The distance between the parents’ respective residences
  • Any history of mental health issues, criminal activities and/or addiction problems that either parent may have
  • Any history of abuse associated with either parent

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