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When dealing with any issue or dispute related to your family or loved ones, sensitive matters can quickly become contentious and complicated, and having an experienced attorney to advocate your interests can be critical to obtaining a favorable outcome in your case.

Denver Divorce, Child Custody & Family Law Attorney Experienced Denver Family Law Attorneys

At Goldman Law, LLC, our Denver family lawyers are skilled at helping our clients resolve their family law matters as favorably as possible.

At Goldman Law, LLC, our Denver family law attorneys are skilled at standing up for our clients’ rights, advancing their interests and ultimately helping them resolve their cases as favorably and efficiently as possible. In addition to providing aggressive representation in the courtroom (or in any legal setting), our respected lawyers can also always be trusted to provide each of the firm’s clients with:

  • Personalized attention and regular progress updates throughout the course of a case
  • Honest answers about the strength of their case, as well as their best options for moving forward
  • Superior representation that will bring their case to a successful resolution so they can focus on their future and moving on with their life.

Below is a closer look at some of the specific types of cases that make up the family law practice at Goldman Law, LLC.


The dissolution of a marriage can be as emotionally difficult as it may be legally challenging, especially when both parties are disputing key elements of the divorce – like, for instance, matters involving the distribution of debt, the division of assets, support payments and/or the child custody. At Goldman Law, LLC, our Denver divorce attorneys are effective at defending our clients’ interests and helping them get through the divorce process as successfully and painlessly as possible.

Some of the specific types of divorce cases we have a record of successfully overseeing include (but are not limited to) those that involve:

Child Custody and Visitation

Child custody and visitation rights are also matters that our Denver family law attorneys are experienced at favorably resolving. With these issues, standing up for a parent’s (or another relative’s) rights while advocating the best interests of the child(ren) will be critical to obtaining favorable rulings in mediation, court or any setting.

Other Family Law Issues

Some of the other types of cases that we are proficient and experienced at overseeing include (but are not limited to) those that involve:

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