Property Division in Colorado Divorce

Property Division in Colorado DivorceThe division of property during a divorce can be one of the most contentious and highly disputed aspects of these cases, especially when there may be a lot of marital assets and/or when one party may be particularly embittered about the divorce (or some actions that have led to it).

Because Colorado law stipulates that property division in divorce cases should be “equitable,” often times, the issue at hand when it comes to dividing property is whether or not certain assets are considered to be marital property or separate property.

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Property Division: Marital Property versus Separate Property

One of the first matters that must be resolved when it comes to property division in divorce is determining what the marital assets are – in other words, what is the specific property that has to be divided. In general, property that will be considered to be among the marital assets will include (but may not be exclusive to) property:

  • Acquired during the course of the marriage
  • Comingled substantially with marital assets (such as in cases when separate bank accounts are merged with marital funds).

In contrast, separate property (i.e., non-marital assets) will generally include property that:

  • An individual owned prior to the marriage
  • Was acquired by one individual after the partners officially separated
  • An individual specifically inherited (regardless of whether this was during the marriage or not).

Instances when separate and marital property is comingled or when separate property increases in value during the marriage can make it far more complicated to rule on whether or how much of the property is considered to be a marital asset. In these cases, having attorneys on your side will be critical to furthering your interests in the division of property.

Equitable Division of Property in Colorado Divorce

While it may be possible for couples to come to an agreement regarding how the marital assets should be divided and distributed in the divorce, in many cases, this can bring about very heated disputes that may need to be settled by a family court judge. When matters regarding property division in divorce are left up to a judge, the judge will usually consider the following when determining what is an “equitable” division of the property:

  • The economic standing of each individual
  • The value of the marital property
  • Whether separate property increased in value during the course of the marriage
  • What may be reasonable in terms of access to specific property (especially for considerations of using a family home when there may be children involved).

Keep in mind that these are not the only issues that will be considered when it comes time for judges to make decisions regarding property division in divorce cases and that the specific aspects taken into consideration can vary from case to case.

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