Colorado LGBT Family Law Attorneys

LGBT Family LawWhether people are in a domestic registered partnership, a civil union or a marriage, nontraditional families can go through some of the same significant changes as any other family, as marriages, adoptions and even divorces can occur in any family unit. With any of these changes can come with some complicated issues and may be even contentious disputes, and having an experienced attorney to navigate the process can be critical to a successful resolution – regardless of how traditional or nontraditional a family may be.

At Goldman Law, LLC, our trusted Denver LGBT family law attorney is dedicated to providing his clients with compassionate, aggressive representation in order to:

  • Make sure their rights and interests are always fully protected
  • Help them obtain the resolutions they need so they can look forward to their future and move on with their lives.

Our LGBT Family Law Practice

Some of the various services that we provide nontraditional families include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Devising domestic partnership agreements and cohabitation agreements
  • Helping same-sex partners or nontraditional couples adopt children
  • Developing and enforcing surrogacy agreements
  • Developing formal agreements for dividing parenting time and parenting responsibilities between same-sex partners
  • Modifying parenting time agreements that may already be in place
  • Mediating the dissolution of same-sex unions, as well as other nontraditional partnerships or couplings
  • Dividing marital property when nontraditional couples part ways
  • Requesting maintenance payments and/or child support payments as nontraditional families evolve
  • Requesting modifications of any court-ordered payments.

Our goal is to help nontraditional families develop innovative yet practical solutions that will protect them and their family in the future.

Denver LGBT Family Law Lawyer at Goldman Law, LLC

If your nontraditional family is about to go through a big change, contact the trusted Denver LGBT family law attorney at Goldman Law, LLC. Always ready to stand up for your rights, our Denver LGBT family law attorney is skilled at resolving legal issues between couples, custody cases and other disputes regardless of who comprises a family. We know how distressing these issues can be – that’s why we are here to:

  • Provide you with personalized attention and superior representation
  • Efficiently guide you through the legal process in order to minimize your stress and costs
  • Help you resolve your family issues as favorably as possible.

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