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Paternity IssuesEstablishing paternity can be an essential first step in many divorce and child custody cases, as determining paternity will be critical to making other decisions regarding:

  • How custody of children will be divided
  • Whether child support should be paid by one parent to another.

As with other aspects of family law and custody cases, paternity can be a complicated, sensitive and possibly contentious issue, and having a Denver paternity lawyer from Goldman Law, LLC represent you with these matters will be critical to resolving them as efficiently, favorably and discretely as possible.

Establishing Paternity in Colorado

Officially establishing paternity can be done in various ways, depending on whether both parents agree on who the father is or whether there may be some dispute from either parent as to who the father is. Specifically, the following are the most common methods of establishing paternity in Colorado divorce and child custody cases:

  • Both parents can sign an Acknowledgement of Paternity form when they both agree on paternity. Once this form has been authorized, it will be legally binding 60 days after it has been signed.Here, it’s important to point out that signing this form will not sort out matters of custody or child support. While parents are encouraged to try to work these issues out (if and when possible), when disputes over child custody and child support arise, these matters will need to be resolved by a family law court.
  • When there are disputes over who a child’s father is, a possible father may voluntarily submit to DNA testing, or a court may order a man who is thought to be the father to submit to such testing. Given the accuracy of DNA testing, such tests will definitely point out or rule out a man as being a child’s father (i.e., DNA tests can definitively establish paternity).

Because establishing paternity is typically the first step in the process of resolving issues of child custody and child support payments, it’s critical that people dealing with paternity issues and related family law cases contact a trusted Denver paternity and family law attorney at Goldman Law, LLC for superior representation and legal service with these cases.

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Do you need help establishing paternity or resolving any other paternity-related issues? If so, it’s time to contact an experienced Denver paternity attorney at Goldman Law, LLC. All of our lawyers have extensive experience handling various types of family law cases, and we are ready to stand up for your rights and help you resolve your paternity issues as favorably as possible.

When you retain a trusted Denver paternity lawyer at Goldman Law, LLC to represent you, you can count on us to:

  • Fight for your rights in any legal setting
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  • Provide you with honest answers about your rights and best options
  • Help you obtain the best possible outcomes to your case.

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