Annulments in Colorado

AnnulmentAn annulment is a legal decree that effectively invalidates a marriage.

While the end result of an annulment is the same as that of a divorce (in that both of these processes end the marriage), annulments are different than divorces in that they:

  • Declare that a marriage never really existed (as opposed to declaring that a marriage is “irretrievably broken,” as in divorce cases)
  • May be preferable to people who do not want to divorce for certain reasons (like, for instance, religious reasons).

At Goldman Law, LLC, our Denver annulment lawyers are experienced at representing people who are interested in getting their current marriage invalidated through annulments. We are skilled at overseeing these cases and can assist our clients in obtaining the annulments they need so they can move on with their lives.

How to Obtain an Annulment in Colorado: Grounds for Annulments

In Colorado, there are some specific requirements that people have to meet in order to legally obtain an annulment of their marriage. Known as the “grounds for annulments,” these requirements for obtaining an annulment including proving that:

  • One or both partners were under duress when the marriage took place.
  • One partner committed some act of fraud, and this misrepresentation was part of the “essence” of the marriage (for instance, this could involve one party lying about his or her identity).
  • One partner did not have the mental capacity to legally agree to getting married (which may be the case if or when an individual is living with certain mental impairments, was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol at the time of the marriage, etc.).
  • One partner was unable to physically consummate the marriage (through intercourse), and the other partner was not aware of this when the marriage took place.
  • One partner was not legally old enough to get married and didn’t have the proper consent to move forward with the marriage.
  • Polygamy, bigamy, incest or some other illegal act was fundamental to the marriage.

Proving any of these grounds for annulment will be essential to getting the marriage invalidated, and having an attorney assist you in the process will be critical to obtaining a successful resolution of the matter.

Denver Annulment Lawyers at Goldman Law, LLC

If you are considering obtaining an annulment, the trusted Denver annulment attorneys at Goldman Law, LLC are ready meet with you to discuss your situation and options. At Goldman Law, LLC, we are dedicated to advocating our clients’ rights and helping them resolve their various legal issues as favorably, affordably and efficiently as possible.

In addition to providing our clients with superior representation and legal services, our Denver annulment lawyers are also committed to providing each of our clients with personalized attention, honest answers about their case and regular updates throughout the course of a case. The bottom line is that, when we are trusted to oversee our clients’ sensitive and important legal matters, we will work diligently to help them obtain the best possible resolutions to their cases so they can focus on their future.

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