Dividing a Business in Colorado Divorce

Dividing a Business in Colorado DivorceThe division of marital assets can be a highly disputed aspect of many divorce cases, particularly when it comes to dividing a business. Given that dividing a business in a divorce can be as complicated as it is contentious – and that how the business is divided can end up having long-term impacts on people’s financial standing, it’s crucial that married business owners who are considering divorce retain a trusted Denver divorce lawyer at Goldman Law, LLC.

While our trusted attorney can stand up for people’s rights and business interests in the divorce process, he can also be pivotal to helping work out equitable divisions of marital businesses.

Factors That Can Play a Role in Dividing a Business in Colorado Divorce

Dividing a business in Colorado divorce cases will require the consideration of various factors, only some of which include:

  • When the business was started – Specifically, whether the business was started before or during the marriage will be critical to determinations regarding dividing that business.
  • The value of the business – How much the business is worth, as well as the specific assets held by the business, will be important to evaluate prior to dividing that business between divorcing spouses.
  • The liabilities a business may have – As with corporate assets, distributing the corporate liabilities can also be part of the process of dividing a business in Colorado divorce.
  • Whether the business increased in value during the course of the marriage – When businesses may have been started by one spouse prior to a marriage, whether that business has appreciated in value over the marriage can be essential to assessing whether there are shared interests in the business (i.e., the business should be considered a marital asset) or not (i.e., the business should remain a person’s asset and, therefore, won’t be divided in the divorce proceedings).
  • How much either spouse has invested in the business – Whether the investment is financial or it involves putting a lot of time and work into developing (or growing) a business, the investment that each spouse has contributed to the business will be taken into consideration when dividing that business in a divorce.

Clearly, dividing a business in Colorado divorce case can be a complicated endeavor. To minimize your costs and ensure that you are able to favorably divide your business in an upcoming divorce, contact Goldman Law, LLC today.

You Can Trust a Denver Divorce Lawyer at Goldman Law, LLC

If you are going through a divorce that will involve dividing a business, the trusted Denver divorce attorney at Goldman Law, LLC can help you. Ready to stand up for your rights, our Denver divorce lawyer know is experienced and skilled at overseeing successful resolutions for even the most complicated divorce cases, including those that require dividing a business or other complex assets.

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