Child Support Arrears Forgiveness In Colorado

Missing child support payments can lead to major legal headaches. Depending on the amount owed and the duration of the lapse, it could produce penalties such as wage garnishing, liens, and even federal prosecution. If you are finding it extremely difficult to pay your past-due child support obligations (arrears) –...
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Can Police Enforce a Custody Order in Colorado?

Police enforcement of a custody order often depends on an individual officer’s discretion. That assistance may not be forthcoming. Law enforcement involvement should be requested as a last resort. Before considering this final and uncertain option, let’s examine the background behind a child custody order and the steps needed to...
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Is Reintegration Therapy Right For My Child?

Whether before, during, or after a divorce, a parent may lose contact with their child for a variety of reasons. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the parent can no longer reconnect with his or her little one. Reunification between parent and child can happen naturally, or it may be aided...
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LGBT Adoption Laws In Colorado

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people have more legal rights today, especially when it comes to family law. In Colorado, LGBT individuals and couples can seek to adopt a child the same way that traditional parents can. However, the legal landscape may still be susceptible to change when it...
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