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AdoptionMaking the choice to expand your family through adoption can fill you with excitement, hope and optimism for the future. As you start to move forward with the adoption process, however, having a knowledgeable and skilled attorney on your side will be critical to minimizing delays and helping the process proceed as smoothly as possible.

At Goldman Law, LLC, our Denver adoption and family law attorneys are experienced at helping families successfully adopt children. We are familiar with the various types of challenges that can arise in these cases, and we are highly skilled at successfully resolving such complications so our clients can complete their adoption in Colorado and look forward to the future with their new family members.

Adoption in Colorado: Qualifying to Be an Adoptive Parent

Colorado law regarding custody and adoption is, first and foremost, aimed at keeping children with their biological parents when this is possible and in the best interests of children. When this is not an option, the law then strives to find children permanent homes where they can grow up with an adoptive family.

In order to qualify to be an adoptive parent (and, therefore, be legally allowed to proceed with an adoption in Colorado), a person has to:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Not have a criminal record that includes any convictions for crimes against children (including child abuse or child neglect), crimes against a partner (such as domestic violence) and/or any violent crime (such as assault, rape or murder)

Whether a person is single or married or whether he rents or owns a home, however, will not matter when it comes to qualifying to be an adoptive parent.

More Important Info about the Colorado Adoption Process

Once it has been determined that an adult qualifies to proceed with adoption in Colorado, then how the process will move forward will depend on various factors, including (but not limited to) whether:

  • A person will proceed with an open or closed adoption.
  • The child lives in Colorado, in another state or in another country.

In general, however, people who want to proceed with an adoption in Colorado will typically have to:

  • Participate in an orientation about adoption in Colorado
  • Submit to a thorough background check
  • Undergo specific training that is focused on parenting
  • Undergo a family assessment with a caseworker

Because any of these or other steps in the adoption process can be far more complicated than they may initially seem – and because any misstep in the process can result in unnecessary delays or even a rejection of your adoption petition, it’s critical that you retain a Denver adoption lawyer at Goldman Law, LLC to help you navigate this process so that your adoption is successful.

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Are you getting ready to adopt a child? If so, it’s time to contact a trusted Denver adoption and family law attorney at Goldman Law, LLC.

At Goldman Law, LLC, we know how complicated and important adoptions can be, and we also know how to advocate our clients’ rights at every phase of the adoption process in order to facilitate successful adoptions.

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