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You can have favorable resolutions to divorce issues. This is the Goldman assurance.

Do you want to create a thorough and lasting divorce or family law agreement, but you don’t want to use attorneys or go to trial? Mediation is the best way to control your own divorce. Let us help you create your own solution.

It’s almost unavoidable to bump into issues during the divorce process. But you should not have to go through unnecessary stress and pay endless expenses. When divorce becomes difficult and the process hits a roadblock, divorce mediation with Goldman Law is your ideal alternative.

  • Smart. Mediation services by Goldman Law help you and your spouse make well-thought-out decisions even in the most emotionally-charged periods of divorce.
  • Favorable. With our mediation services, the outcomes will not only be fair and equitable, they will also be as close to your ideal results as possible.
  • Easier. With us, conflicts become manageable, and all parties – including your children – will not have to suffer from the lengthy, strenuous maze of a difficult divorce.
  • Cost-effective.When you opt to mediate through us, you save money which you would otherwise have to spend in a prolonged divorce process.

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What Is Mediation?

A divorce does not always go smoothly, even when it’s uncontested. In fact, the divorce process can be full of conflicts and unfriendly arguments, often drawing out proceedings into an expensive and time-consuming battle. Fortunately, there are methods to resolve conflicts in divorce, and mediation is one of the most effective.

Mediation is a legal process where an independent, neutral third party facilitates an agreement between divorcing parties. This third party is called a mediator. Unlike a judge, a mediator does not make decisions for you or your spouse; instead, he or she helps both of you have discussions to resolve your divorce issue and arrive at an agreement.

This alternative process can be beneficial to you and your loved ones. It is an approach that is less adversarial and more cooperative, resulting in solutions that satisfy both parties. And because the process lessens conflict, it minimizes the distress and confusion for your children, now and in the long term.

What About State or County Mediators?

Hiring the attorney mediators at Goldman Law, is far superior to hiring the state or county mediators. We give you ample time to ensure that we have reached agreements and that we really understand your needs. We don’t rush you out after just a few hours if you need more time. We are also attorneys as well as mediators. That means that we have seen where agreements fall apart, and know how to draft an agreement that will close as many loop-holes and what if’s as possible.

Goldman Law is trusted throughout Colorado as a team of aggressive and effective divorce lawyers. More than that, we can also be your mediators.We provide you the option to mediate because we want to minimize your stress and expenses. Above all, we always aim for the least contentious method and the most trouble-free future for you and your loved ones.

Can I Do Mediation Before Filing For Divorce?

You can do mediation before filing documents with the court. In fact, that is the best way to do it! If you hire us to mediate for you we will walk you through the disclosure process, help you come to agreements, and guide you through the correct paperwork to file with the court. You will then be able to finalize your case with only one or two brief court appearances.

Can I Still Do Mediation If I’ve Already Filed For Divorce?

If you have already filed with the court, we can help you as well. We will sit down with you, work out agreements, and then guide you through how to file the finalization paperwork. No matter where you are in the process, we can help.

Divorce Issues We Resolve

The Goldman Law Firm has successfully resolved various separation conflicts, including the most challenging ones. We can help you with these issues and more:

  • Contested divorce
  • Co-parenting
  • Marital settlement
  • Military divorce
  • Alimony/Spousal support/Spousal maintenance
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Grandparents’ rights
  • Visitation
  • Property division
  • Division of marital debt

Do you have a divorce issue that seems complicated or sensitive? Please do not hesitate to talk to us at Goldman Law. We guarantee that your consultation with us will be confidential, and that we will help you find an agreeable solution.

Choose Goldman Law For Your Colorado Divorce Mediation

There are plenty of mediators and family law attorneys in Colorado, but why do people trust the Goldman law firm? You have these solid reasons to count on us:

  • Experience. Goldman Law has 25 years of combined experience resolving family issues – and we have been highly successful. This experience allows us to navigate divorce matters intelligently, which means we can best facilitate your mediation.
  • Proven track record. Couples and families have experienced firsthand the effective service of Goldman Law – read about their positive experiences in our Testimonials page. Even the legal community has given us respect, as evident in the awards and recognition we have gained, including high ratings from lawyer review site AVVO and the Better Business Bureau.
  • Dedication you can feel. With Goldman Law, you get personalized attention and case-specific answers. You are not just another number here. The service we provide you will suit your particular situation to help achieve the particular outcomes you hope for.

Choose mediation with the capable legal professionals at Goldman Law. Call us today at (303) 656-9529 or reach us through our contact form.