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Denver Visitation AttorneysVisitation issues can develop during or after divorce cases, and they may involve one parent or other relatives of a child (like, for example, grandparents). In many ways, cases involving visitation rights and agreements can be similar to – and as contentious as – child custody cases.

This makes it extremely important that parties seeking visitation from the court or looking to officially alter established visitation agreements hire our Denver visitation lawyers to ensure that:

  • Their rights are fully protected.
  • The child’s (or children’s) best interests are always protected.
  • The case is resolved as favorably as possible.

Visitation Cases: Factors That Can Affect Visitation Rights and Rulings

Although family court judges will usually uphold reasonable visitation agreements that parents (or other involved relatives) can agree upon, when no agreement can be reached, the judge will consider a number of different factors when making determinations in these cases.

In fact, similar to child custody cases, the specific factors that can play a central role in determining the outcome of visitation cases will often typically involve (but may not necessarily be limited to):

  • The mental health of person seeking visitation
  • The history of drug and/or alcohol addiction the individual may have
  • Any criminal record the individual may have, especially when this may involve domestic violence arrests and/or charges related to crimes against children
  • Any history of abuse the person may have
  • Where the individual lives (in other words, whether the individual lives close to the parent with primary custody).

Important Facts about Visitation Agreements

It’s important to point out that:

  • Even if a parent or another relative seeking visitation may have a history of mental health issues, addiction issues or other problematic issues, (s)he can still be awarded visitation when the judge sees this as being in the child’s best interests.
  • Such complicated visitation cases may involve “supervised” visitation for some period of time.
  • Visitation rulings can be changed at any point in the future when the circumstances of the case change (like, for example, if a person moves closer to the parent with primary custody). When this occurs, people can officially petition the court for modifications to the existing visitation agreement.

Denver Visitation Lawyers at Goldman Law, LLC

If you will be seeking visitation or are preparing to modify an existing visitation agreement, it’s time to contact the Denver visitation attorneys at Goldman Law, LLC. Dedicated to upholding our clients’ rights and the best interests of children, our lawyers can provide you with superior representation and the highest quality of legal services for your visitation case – as well as any cases regarding family law matters.

When you trust our Denver visitation lawyers to oversee your case, you can be confident that you will receive:

  • Regular updates regarding the progress of your case
  • Straightforward answers about your best options
  • Superior legal representation at every stage of your case
  • The best chances of resolving your case as favorably and efficiently as possible.

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