Allocation of Parental Responsibilities Under Colorado Law

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities Under Colorado LawChild custody cases involve a thorough assessment of the allocation of parental responsibilities. This includes how much time the child spends with each parent, which parent makes crucial decisions in the child’s life, and to what extent each party is involved in the process of decision making. 

These issues are determined either by the court if the parents can’t come to an agreement or through a parenting plan designed and agreed upon by both parties.

For anyone going through a Colorado divorce, part of the dissolution proceedings is the allocation of parental responsibilities. It’s a good idea to have a divorce lawyer during this crucial time who can provide legal support and assistance. 

A Colorado child custody lawyer will help protect their rights, help them make the transition easier for their children, and provide expert guidance on creating a cooperative parenting relationship that takes the child’s best interests into account.

What is an Allocation of Parental Responsibilities?

In Colorado statutes, the term “child custody” is no longer used, and is being replaced by  the term “allocation of parental responsibilities.” 

There are two main components to this process:

  • Division of parenting time: In the state, there is no presumption that both parents should have equal (or 50/50) parenting time. This decision is often based on the child’s best interests. It’s also gender-neutral, so courts don’t favor either men or women when dividing parenting time.
  • Division of parental decision-making: The court may require the parent to jointly determine how parental decision-making is to be divided. It may also order that one parent be responsible for deciding on all major parental issues.

The allocation of parental responsibilities can be decided as a part of a divorce or legal separation case. It may also be filed as a separate action, and not a part of either of the two proceedings, by couples who decided to have children without getting married.

What is a Motion to Modify Allocation of Parental Rights and Responsibilities?

A motion to modify the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities may be filed by one party who wants to change the current parenting time or decision making orders of the Court. 

The standards followed by the court in deciding whether to grant such a motion depend on the child’s best interests. 

Choose an Experienced Colorado Family Law Attorney Lawyer

If you’re planning to file for divorce, separation, or a motion to modify the allocation of parental responsibilities, you’ll need well-crafted arguments and substantial proof to get desired outcomes. 

It’s best to work with a qualified and experienced Colorado lawyer who knows the state’s family laws inside and out. They can help with issues involving child custody, parenting time, or parental decision-making.

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