Broomfield Divorce Lawyer

shutterstock 60018625 1 300x199 Denver Divorce AttorneysWhen a married couple makes the decision to move forward with a divorce, tensions can run high, especially when the impending divorce may involve children, disputes over property and/or allegations of infidelity. In fact, even when divorcing couples may have a friendly relationship prior to the legal proceedings, it’s quite possible for the divorce to quickly turn ugly as some of the most important and sensitive matters of their lives become central aspects of the divorce.

In such cases, having one of the experienced Broomfiel divorce attorneys at Goldman Law, LLC representing you can be crucial to:

  • Defending your rights and interests in the divorce
  • Minimizing the chances that the case will be dragged out for months (or possibly longer), which could end up costing you a significant amount of money, as well as stress and emotional trauma
  • Obtaining the best possible resolution to the case.

Colorado “No Fault” Divorce

Colorado is a “no fault” divorce state, which effectively means that:

  • The only grounds for divorce in the state is an “irretrievable breakdown” of the marriage (in other words, there is no possibility of reconciliation between the spouses in the marriage).
  • Whether infidelity or other transgressions have been a factor in the breakdown of the marriage will not matter when it comes to dividing up the marital assets, determining spousal support, etc.

In addition to providing for “no fault” divorce, Colorado divorce laws also:

  • Have specific residency requirements, mandating that at least one of the spouses has lived in the state for at least 90 days prior to filing for divorce in Colorado
  • Generally protect property that one spouse had prior to the marriage from being divided in the divorce (in other words, certain property may not be considered to be marital property and may not be subject to division in the divorce if certain conditions apply).