Preparing for a Divorce for a Man in Colorado – 5 Important Steps

Divorce can be a challenging process, and people usually turn to the internet for advice and tips on how to cope and prepare. However, anyone doing a basic search will quickly realize that the vast majority of online resources are geared towards women. 

Men have it just as hard as women. If you’re preparing for a divorce in Colorado, contact a men’s divorce attorney to get started. 

Here are some tips and strategies to help you navigate the process and peacefully move forward on to a new life.

Attending the Initial Status Conference

After a divorce case has been filed, the court will set an Initial Status Conference (ISC). The ISC is typically scheduled within 42 days from the filing date. It’s meant to give both parties a chance to inform the court about their issues. 

During the ISC, the following things may happen:

  • The parties may be required to submit their financial disclosures.
  • They’ll also be expected to have taken the required parenting class.
  • The court may also authorize emergency orders involving support or visitation, payment of the marital debt, or alimony.
  • The court will also set a hearing for the issues above where it’ll consider evidence and testimony before issuing permanent orders.

Gathering and Organizing Documents

Some of the documents that may be required by the court during divorce proceedings are the following:

  • Income documentation: This includes pay stubs and tax returns. For those who are self-employed, they’ll also need to prepare profit/loss statements, tax documents, and a detailed itinerary of business expenses.
  • Real Estate Documents: These include property titles, current mortgage statements or refinancing documents, and tax assessor’s reports.
  • Financial Accounts:  These include bank statements individually or jointly held with their wife, statements from investment accounts, and savings certificates or passbooks
  • List of Marital Debts: These include medical bills, credit card statements, and any other loans in either spouse’s name
  • Documents for Automobiles: These include registration or title for cars, RVs, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, farm equipment, etc. The spouse may also need to prepare documents that show the outstanding secured debts on such vehicles as monthly invoices, payment coupons, and amortization schedules.

It’s important to get all these documents (and several copies) ready while the spouse is still in the marital home and has easy access to them.

Preparing for Child Support and Child Custody

Times have changed, and men are more often getting custody and becoming the children’s primary caregivers. 

For any man who finds themselves in this situation, they’ll have to prepare the evidence that’ll convince the court that they should be the custodial parent. For example, they may need to show that they spend more time with their children.

An experienced divorce attorney can help you understand how to file for child custody

Inventory of Property

In Colorado, the law requires an equitable division of property during divorce proceedings. This means that the wife may not automatically get half of the entire marital property. 

It may be faster for both parties to amicably agree on how to divide the property. However, if an amicable settlement is impossible, they may end up going to court to let an arbitrator or judge decide for them. 

Before a hearing for property division proceedings, the party must:

  • Itemize the assets that both of them have accumulated during the marriage. This includes ALL assets, whether they’re in either party’s name or held jointly.
  • Determine and list down which assets were acquired before the marriage, since any increase in value may be considered marital property.
  • Place a value on each asset. This is easy to do for bank accounts and retirement or investment accounts. For other assets such as real estate, it may be a good idea to get an appraisal. For vehicles, a value may be assigned using the Kelly Blue Book, or other online resources.
  • Include insurance policies. This is one of the oft-neglected financial aspects of a divorce. The party should make sure that there are no changes when it comes to the beneficiary, the number of benefits, and the coverage.

Hire an Experienced Colorado Lawyer

Going through a divorce is never easy. Because of the serious consequences and lasting impact it can have on your future, it’s best to have someone skilled and experienced in navigating the legal process by your side.

At Goldman Law, we understand that the divorce process can be painful and difficult. We’ll do our best to safeguard your rights and interests, as well as keep your future goals in mind. Call (303) 656-9529 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.