Colorado Divorce Statistics: Colorado Divorce Rate is Higher Than US Overall

Colorado Divorce Statistics: Colorado Divorce Rate is Higher Than US OverallThe latest charts from the US Census American Community Survey reveal that the national divorce rate has been declining, but Colorado’s divorce rate is still higher than the national figure. Data from 2021 (the latest available) show that the US divorce rate is now at 14.0 per 1,000 marriages – the lowest in over 50 years – but Colorado’s is slightly above that at 14.4.

Let’s take a look at divorce numbers and what they tell us about marriage dissolution today.

A Quick Historical Perspective

For a long period in US history, getting a divorce was extremely difficult. Up until 1969, any spouse who wanted to legally dissolve their marriage needed to prove “fault” on the part of their partner, such as adultery, desertion, or impotence. On top of that was the social taboo around so-called “failed marriages,” pressuring spouses to maintain their marital status even when it was detrimental to them.

Today, laws and perceptions around divorce have relaxed. States like Colorado allow “no fault” divorces so that spouses don’t have to outline their partner’s failings just to prove their marriage is irretrievably over.

Initially, there were fears that less-stringent laws would lead to “divorce mills,” especially when the national divorce rate hit an all-time high of 22.6 in 1980. But numbers consistently went down after that, and have now reached a 51-year low of 14.0 divorces per 1,000 marriages. Couples also have ways now to make divorce more agreeable to all parties, through methods such as mediation and collaborative divorce.

US and Colorado Divorce Statistics

2021 Divorce rate

  • United States – 14.0 divorces per 1,000 marriages (unchanged from 14.0 in 2020)
  • Colorado – 14.4 divorces per 1,000 marriages (down from 15.0 in 2020)

Total Number of Divorces in 2021

  • United States – 948,862
  • Colorado – 17,921

Divorce rates and number of divorces are based on women-reported divorce cases in the census, a measure accepted by statisticians.

5 US States with the Highest Divorce Rates in 2021

  • Arkansas – 21.7 divorces per 1,000 marriages
  • Mississippi – 21.0
  • Idaho – 19.7
  • Oklahoma – 18.4
  • Louisiana – 18.1

5 US States with the Lowest Divorce Rates in 2021

  • Rhode Island – 10.9 divorces per 1,000 marriages
  • Connecticut – 10.4
  • Massachusetts – 10.0
  • New Jersey – 9.6
  • New Hampshire – 8.2

Counties in Colorado with the Highest Divorce Percentage in 2021

  • Arapahoe County – 11.8 percent of people aged 15 and older
  • Denver County – 11.4 percent
  • El Paso County – 11.4 percent
  • Boulder County – 11.2 percent
  • Jefferson County – 10.9 percent

Median Age of People Who Got Divorced in 2021

  • United States – 46.1 for males, 44.1 for females
  • Colorado – 45.5 for males, 42.6 for females

Researchers also note that despite the general trend of decreasing divorces, there is a specific rise in divorce cases among Baby Boomers (people aged 50 and above). A divorce at this age – informally called a “gray divorce” – comes with financial implications that become more significant as people grow older, such as retirement plans and post-divorce financial security.

Do 50 Percent of Marriages Really End in Divorce?

This is a persisting statistic that gets quoted everywhere, but there’s no single “official” figure on how many “I dos” end in a split. One 1995 survey did find that 50 percent of women’s first marriages ended in divorce or separation after 20 years. A followup survey in 2002 additionally found that a third of men’s first marriages ended in divorce after only 10 years.

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