How Can Fathers Win Child Custody in Colorado?

child-custody-fatherIt is mistakenly thought that a father winning custody of his children in a divorce is an impossible thing. While it might seem the case, the reality is that when it comes to the law, in Colorado fathers have the same possibility of getting child custody as do mothers.

If you’re a father desiring to be granted either full or joint child custody, you should be ready for a tough, contentious battle – particularly if the child’s mother is filing for custody, too. Let’s look at some ways you might use in your effort to get custody.

Attend Those Important Events

If you want custody of your child you’ll have to show it by participating in key events in their lives. Make sure to attend your child’s educational, social, and religious events. This includes, but is not limited to, recitals, baptisms, sporting events, birthday parties, and school plays. Apart from being there to give support to your child, attending such events will be deemed evidence of a healthy and meaningful relations with your child.

Make Child Support Payments Promptly and Regularly

Be sure to pay child support on time, fully, and regularly. If you have an easy-going relation to pay with the child’s mother, keep documents through receipts or any other written document that details what has been given so far.

Keep The Proper Paperwork

Make the time to arrange all necessary paperwork on child support payments and visitation schedules. That might be done by keeping visitation records and by fashioning and maintaining a parenting plan. You then submit this parenting plan to the court when child custody has been decided. Consult a family law attorney if you have questions.

Make Room for Your Child

Mark out and keep a unique place in your residence for your child, irrespective of how small your living space is. The court will check if you have adequate living arrangements for your child, and you should know you’ll have to answer any questions the judge may pose about your housing plans. Make it clear your child is your first concern, and that you can properly house him or her in your home.

Protect the Best Interests of the Child

When granting custody to a parent, the court takes into judgment the child’s best interests above all. The best interests standard is comprised of various factors the judge needs to consider to determine which of the parents is more likely to help the child thrive. Does the child’s mother drink or do drugs? Is she a workaholic? Is there a different man in the house every other night? Be ready to explain in court why it may not be in your child’s best interests to share custody with his or her mother.