Legal Separation in Colorado: 5 Facts to Know (Pt. 1)

When a married couple is considering putting an end to their marriage, they will have a choice between pursing a divorce or obtaining a legal separation. While these two options are similar in some ways, ultimately, there are some distinctions between legal separation and divorce that can make one of these options more favorable than the other, depending (of course) on the couple’s relationship, needs and expectations.

In this three-part blog, we will examine some facts that are important to know when it comes to legal separation in Colorado so that people who are considering this option can gain more insight as to whether this may be a good option for them.

Keep in mind, however, that:

  • The information discussed herein is general.
  • You are encouraged to get more specific professional advice regarding your situation and best options by contacting the Denver family law attorneys at Goldman Law, LLC.

Here’s What You Should Know When Considering Legal Separation in Colorado

Fact 1 – Pursuing a legal separation in Colorado can be just as involved as the divorce process.

Although legal separation in Colorado can proceed very similarly to divorce, there are some distinctions between these options. Contact Goldman Law for more info about whether legal separation in Colorado may be right for you.

Although legal separation in Colorado can proceed very similarly to divorce, there are some distinctions between these options.

In terms of the process of obtaining a legal separation or a divorce, both of these options can be just as time-consuming, complicated and involved as each other. This is because, with either divorce or legal separation in Colorado, the following matters will typically have to be worked out:

  • What the marital property encompasses and how this will be divided
  • The total marital debt and how this will be divided
  • Child custody and/or visitation agreements
  • Child support payments.

What this can end up meaning is that:

  • Couples pursing a legal separation in Colorado can end up involved in proceedings that may be as contentious and complicated as a bitter divorce.
  • Having an experienced family law attorney guiding a person through this process and advocating their rights will be critical to obtaining the best possible resolutions as efficiently as possible.

For our continued discussion regarding legal separation in Colorado, don’t miss the second and third installments of this blog that will be posted soon.

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