Should You Look For an Aggressive Child Custody Attorney?

36415979_sDivorce and all it entails can be hard, wearing and emotionally painful for everyone involved but it can be even worse when child custody disputes arise. An already stressful experience becomes even more wrenching. What to do?

Picking a child custody attorney is an exceptionally important task. This can’t be overemphasized. The right child custody attorney can smooth things for you during this psychologically trying time, and they can impact your life and your children’s lives tremendously. Consider this – the person who advocates for you can help decide just how much time you can spend with your children after the dissolution.

In their quest for the right counsel, people will purposely search for an “aggressive” attorney, which proffers the question: “Do you need an aggressive child custody attorney to get the best result for your divorce or child custody case?” Yes and no.

Getting involved in a child custody dispute requires dedicated, devoted, and yes, certainly, aggressive legal representation. You must enter into a relation with an attorney who will ask the tough questions, one who isn’t quick to recommend settling below what you need and deserve.

An aggressive attorney will fight for your rights, and will endeavor  to get the best conceivable child custody arrangement for your particular case.

Still, you shouldn’t simply be questing for an attorney with an aggressive character who talks well but ultimately promises more that what you can realistically expect from your case. Note, too, that an overly aggressive attorney can do the same harm as an unqualified attorney. Empathy and deliberation are needed in a child custody battle, not just aggression.

What You Should Really Be Looking For in a Divorce or Child Custody Lawyer

Look for an attorney whose style and demeanor match yours. You want a working relation with an approachable attorney, as you will be disclosing private details about your life. Work with a child custody attorney who is not just aggressive but who listens to your needs.

Search for an attorney with a history of applicable experience with your type of case, and make sure they can show a clear understanding of what is at stake for you and your family.

Many family law attorneys offer inexpensive first consultations. After hearing your full story, a lawyer may be able to give you a realistic idea of what they think can be achieved in court.

Finally, don’t be afraid to “trust your gut.” if you’re sitting down with a lawyer with all the right credentials and experience but something inside of you is saying that they are not the right fit for you, then don’t be afraid to act on that instinct.