Does Alimony End When You Remarry In Colorado?

Do alimony payments stop when the receiving ex-spouse gets remarried? In Colorado, the answer depends on the type of spousal support being paid. Types Of Alimony, And How Remarriage Affects Them We usually hear of spousal maintenance being paid on a regular basis (monthly or biweekly). This periodic alimony is...
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How Are Assets Divided In A Colorado Divorce?

Unlike some states that divide marital property 50/50 during divorce, Colorado has “equitable distribution” between divorcing couples. According to the court, “equitable” means “fair but not necessarily equal.” How does the court determine what is equitable for you and your spouse? Here is an overview. Process Of Dividing Marital Assets...
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Does Child Support Increase If Salary Increases?

This is a common question among separated parents dealing with child support. If your former spouse recently got a new job or a promotion, can you get higher child support payments from them? Or if you are the payor (the parent who’s paying child support), will your monthly obligation go...
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